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breaking news: scientists discover the reason the dinosaurs went extinct.


breaking news: scientists discover the reason the dinosaurs went extinct.

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Tuesday tips — Costume Design 101.

Costume design is a very important part of character design.  It tells you a whole lot about your character; ie. age, personality, what she/he likes, time period, strength, … etc.  It supposed to enhance a character’s personality.  

Here are my process in tackling costume design.

1.  Find a good reference.  Inspiration is key!

2.  Look for a good shillouette that is recognizable and different from other characters.

3.  Pick one shillouette and find smaller shape within.  Do tons of variation and have fun.

4.  Color variation.  Use variation the same color combination for all the design.  Keep it simple!

5.  Finish up and have fun.  It will also a good idea to think of texture and material.


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night-excision asked: Hello there, wonderful work with your art! I was wondering if you could tell me how exactly you animate the moving text on your comic? I've seen it done a couple times now and I'm very curious to know how it is done. C:





aha its a pretty lazy process but hell yeah lets go

first up im using photoshop, so although the steps are probably pretty similar in other drawing programs, they might not transfer exactly like this


youll want to make three different layers at first, one for the message or writing youre trying to animate


then go ahead and write whatever you want on that first layer. THEN, set the opacity of that one to about thirty or so


, and on the layer right above it, just write the same thing right over the top of it. its alright if the lines dont match up EXACTLY, but youll obviously want to try to get it pretty close


do this once more, until three separate layers have the same message message written in mostly the same way


then theres probably a way around this, but i just bring it to image ready, where i can actually save it as a working gif


then the animation ! youll have one frame per layer, each one set at however fast youll want them to change - i usually set them at 0.2 but you can mess with it until it looks the way you want


THIS is what youre going to click to save it, instead of just save - otherwise it wont set it as an actual gif


you did it




There you go :>

there it is theres the way around that

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The latest generator, the random demon maker! Complete with horns, wings, and (mostly) unappealing personality traits, you can make your own demon in varying degrees of non-human-ness.  

(Fun fact you can technically get my headcanon for demon!Dean on Supernatural [but that’s probably like a one in a million chance])

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pixelled and animated a little thing of my character being scared in a creepy forest

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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Completely adorable images from Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

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